The informational perspective at multiple scales is a way to organize cross-disciplinary applications of computational thinking (CT) in order to revitalize the undergraduate curriculum. This project operates at two levels of resolution. Across the NKU College of Informatics, over 1100 students, mostly in non-computing majors, will be exposed to cross-disciplinary CT at multiple scales in a novel Principles course. Within the Computer Science major, over 200 students will extend what they learn in this course across a 4-year curriculum that indexes core topics with these scales. A variety of local and visiting teachers and scholars from non-computing fields (including the arts and humanities) whose work employs CT will participate in this program. This in effect ports the “Edinburgh model” of computational thinking [Bundy 2007] to a comprehensive metropolitan university, and opens it up for assessment and replication as a means to invigorate undergraduate informatics education.