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INF 128 Principles of Informatics

All New for Fall 2011

Your Instructor

  • Zach Hart (Communication)


NKU Guest Contributors

  • Christine Curran, Biological Sciences
  • Rudy Garns, Philosophy
  • Kevin Kirby, Computer Science
  • Bill Landon, History and Geography
  • Ben Martz, Toru Sakaguchi, Business Informatics


Visiting Contributors

Meeting Times

  • Tuesdays and Thursdays 1:40 – 2:55 in a Griffin Hall collaboratory.

Topics Include

  • What is Information?
  • Analog Versus Digital
  • DNA and Information
  • Machiavelli and the Informatics of Evil
  • Who Controls the Internet?
  • Markets and the Flow of Information
  • From Chatbots to Watson on Jeopardy
  • Communication and Sense-Making
  •   and more...

Coursework (tentative)

  • Weekly reflections: quizzes, exercises, and/or blogging (30%)
  • Tests and Final Exam (45%)
  • Term Project (25%)


  • Computer experience (example: INF 101 or above)
  • Communication experience (example: CMST 101)

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This course is supported in part by the US National Science Foundation CPATH Program, Grant 0939103. See for more information.

The duomo in Florence. Learn the informatics connection in INF 128.